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filming guide

By on 19th April 2016

The Two Minute Or Less Challenge

We want to make sure you get your point across and be heard, with that in mind we ask that all videos are two minutes or less, after all how many times have you been on YouTube and stopped watching after a couple of minutes because nothing of note has really happened?? I know I’ve wasted time like this before.

Get your tip, hint or advice across in less than two minutes and keep the interest up all the way through.



You Don’t Watch Your TV On It’s Side!

Always film in landscape, YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion etc are all based around 16:9 ratio video. It is wider than it is tall, and after all they can’t all be wrong!!

Grab your phone or tablet and start shooting your hints a tips, the quality of these devices camera’s are better than it has ever been and its always generally on you! You can of course use a digital camcorder or camera but your phone will generally already output in .mov or .mp4 which is perfect for the web.

Get Some Help!

If you can film by yourself thats great but for wider shots you may need some help. Rope in a friend and spread the word you might even find they have some ideas of their own to catch on camera.

Just make sure you are close enough to the camera to pick up your audio. Go out and do some tests in different conditions to see how far away you can get without screaming at the camera and that way you ready for any situation.



Dont Be Afraid To Edit!

Remember, you don’t have to film your piece all at once, maybe its an event over a few days and you wanna explain the highlights.

Your device generally comes with or you can download editing apps to cut clips together right there on your device!! You are only limited by your own imagination. Get creative and don’t forget, you are the presenter, be confident and clear!!

Meeting The Mark!

There is no wrong or right subject when it comes to The Student Life Channel, although there are some rules we would like you stick to. The channel is about sharing information that will help or inform your fellow academics in a creative and honest way. The idea is informed intelligent and fun content and of course in some subjects intelligent and clean debate.

Please, Please, Please read our acceptable content guidlines here for more information. We invisage a smart clean and informative channel for the benefit of all students. We are not here to steiffel your creativity or opinions, there are plenty of places across the web where you can express yourself more vigorously should you wish, we just want good, smart content to inform and help.