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By on 19th April 2016

Why Have Rules?

There is always rules right? The premis of the channel is to provide content on an informative level. The idea is to make sure that this does not become a free for all for sharing heavy personal opinions to a public forum although, sparking reasonable debate is not discouraged, for example if your video was being informative about the proceedure and cost of student loans and you advise that other students seek advice from a particular source that was helpful to you than this would be deemed as acceptable content. Below is a list of guidelines we would like to stick to to ensure the integrity of the channel and what we are trying to do here.

Criteria To Meet With Content:

a. All submitted content will be reviewed to ensure the integrity of the channel and content itself.

b. All video content submitted must be one minute or less. The content here is about being informative and useful.

Example Acceptable Content:

a. Money saving advice. Have you found a method of economising that could help others?

b. Travel Tips. Places you may have visited that you reccomend.

c. Health tips. Do you follow a good execise regime and think it would be of interest to others?

e. Food, be it shopping for, quick recipe tips or healthy eating.

f. Tech, do you have a review on something you have found useful that others may find useful too?

g. Fashion tips, are you into fashion and have a tip for the latest trends?

h. Study, got a method that works for you? Share it!

i. Events, regular places you go, did you meet new friends? learn something? or just relaxed share it so others can benefit too!

These are just examples but hopefully you get the idea of what use these could be to others, so get creating!!

Example Unacceptable Content:

a. Submitting content for advertising products, services, or events*. Content of such nature will not be accepted or published

b. You may point people in the direction of a source of information on a particular event as long as it has relevance to the content being submitted.

c. Use of foul language is not tolerated within content. If you cannot put your point accross without swearing and cussing it will not be published.

d. Violent or aggrevated venting. Personal and informed opinions are encouraged. The idea is to be informative and provide a view that may be of help to other students.

e. This is not a channel to mount attacks of any nature on other people or businesses. E.g. If you had bad service or products from somewhere it is not acceptable to submit content about it here. Have you heard of the phrase ‘Any news is good news!’. By submitting content like this you may be raising the profile of the subject inadvertantly.

*we do not allow advertising of individual events, although you may review a regular event if you think it would be of interest. E.g. ACCEPTABLE: “I attend a regular open mike night at the ‘xyz pub’ and is a great event if you are into performing or looking to try it out and and my opinion is it is worth a look in if you are about as I have met some new friends and my piano playing has improved.”. NOT ACCEPTABLE: “Come to the ‘xyz pub’ on a Wednesday night for cheap drinks and 10% off food”.

Well Hopefully you get the idea. Lets build something good! Register now to become a presenter!